17 Feb 2016

aliensamba: mr oak of far from the madding crowd (danny and lydia)
Title: Hold The Moon In Our Mouths
Series: Teen Wolf
Characters/Pairing: Lydia Martin/Scott McCall
Rating: T
Notes: 5x16 - Lie Ability rewrite/AU. Inspired by the quote: "That's the thing with whispers. You put a thousand of them together and you get a howl." - Hemlock Grove. Title from: Moon Songs & Other Coping Mechanisms by Emily Palermo.
Summary: Every chorus of her name, seems to increase the force of each punch he has on the barrier. An uncontrollable urge to growl rises up inside him. The thought that Lydia has been trapped in Eichen House for so long is eating him up inside.
Links: livejournal | AO3 | fanfiction.net

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