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Star Wars - Kylo Ren/Rey - stay with you

Medium: Film
Fandom: Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Subject: Kylo Ren/Rey
Title: stay with you
Notes: "I feel it too."
Link: LJ

stay with you - a reylo fanmix

Stay With You

01. Sedated - Hozier
02. The Prayer - Bloc Party
03. First Snow - Clint Mansell
04. Bloodstream - Stateless
05. What The Water Gave Me - Florence and the Machine
06. Swimming In the Flood - Passion Pit
07. Outlands Pt. II - Daft Punk
08. Silver Lining - Hurts
09. Bleed Into Your Mind - All America Rejects
10. Across the Stars - John Williams

Lyrics and Notes can be found at my livejournal.

Stay With You